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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 18, 2019 4:00pm-4:31pm CET

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this is big news live from donald trump is poised to become the sub u.s. president in history to be impeached as u.s. lawmakers debate whether to put him on trial before the vote mr trump brought an angry 6 page letter to house speaker nancy pelosi accusing her of undermining american democracy we'll take you live to washington also on the program. and across the sahara desert to the migrants to the smuggling has enough of them for one transport and then the dangerous and sometimes deadly journey begins to go
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tunisia migrants are still risking their lives to cross the desert despite increased border patrol honest. to say goodbye to the latest star wars trilogy as the final movie in the series has its world premiere. i'm phil guy and welcome to the program. u.s. lawmakers have begun the debate ahead of a historic vote on whether to impeach president trump the democratic controlled house of representatives is expected to back the move which would make a president trunk only the 3rd in american history to be impeached if the house does vote to impeach or to lead before the senate to try the president and possibly vote to remove him from office the w.'s washington bureau chief alexander phenomena
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now traces the path to impeachment it all started with a phone call a phone call in which president trump asked president zelinsky of ukraine to investigate his main political rival democratic presidential hopeful joe biden and his son hunter i became increasingly aware of what followed was a congressional inquiry with a 1000 witnesses testifying in public describing crimes dealings with ukraine as improper and in a proper it's all going to blow up and here we are one witness inside turned out to leak he ordered sunland the u.s. ambassador to the european union and so much. he told the investigators there was indeed a quid pro quo in the works that president runs pressed the ukrainian government to get dirt on joe biden change for a meeting in the white house at the same time you asked for military aid for
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ukraine was put on hold as the president directed everyone was in the loop so we followed the president's orders corruption other witnesses added more damning details about donald trump's conduct time machine no evidence for the democratic majority in the house to move forward with the impeachment. the morning. the facts are contested the president abused his power for his own personal political benefit at the expense of our national security. the use of power and obstruction of congress to charge and the democrats say that amounts to high crimes justifying impeachment however they haven't convinced a single republican yet trump's party stands by the president decrying competes meant as a political witch hunt you can't make your case against the prison because nothing happened if the majority of lawmakers approved the articles of impeachment which
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seems likely it will trigger a senate trial to determine if the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and should be removed from office. a trial president trump seems to be gearing up for he expects to be exonerated by the republican led senate and hopes impeachment will backfire on his rivals. there was nothing done wrong to use the power of them peach on his non-church this is an embarrassment to this country . whatever the outcome what is happening in washington right now like the hyper partisan divisions in american politics. a report from a d w chief washington correspondent alexandra fung nama joins us now from capitol hill welcome to talk us through what's happening today.
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so i think it's very telling how the morning started in the chamber only minutes after the house convenes to republicans presented a motion to adjourn they knew that they are not going to be successful but they did it anyway it's part of their strategy of the just to wring their protest against impeachment so that swartz we are going to see today more disruptions in the house of representatives and a number of very interesting question is if we are going to see a vote strictly on party lines so far on the 2 democrats said that they are going to vote against impeachment but maybe there will be more deflections so those are the things that we'll be watching for and will this all be decided today and if the president is impeached what happens that. if the
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house of representatives impeach is the president we are going to see trial in the senate next year and of course it will be interesting if there will be any surprises there so far it's not very likely that there will be a 2 thirds majority in the senate to convict president trump and to remove him from office but of course also there will be keeping our eyes open for surprises that you've mentioned the hyper partisan nature of these proceedings or wonders how a decision to impeach would affect the country. well of course i think that the partisan fighting will continue and even intensify as well as the conflict between the white house and congress but i don't expect the country to stand still even though president trump has accused the democrats of doing nothing to solve the problems that are forth and for the american people but
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it's true what we saw in the last weeks and even this week is that there are things that are get got done that people representatives are getting done for example the house of representatives passed 2 bills yesterday 2 of words a government shutdown and there are expected to approve a trade deal with canada and mexico this week so it's not the case that the democrats are only focusing on impeachment and one of them and next year's presidential elections how are these actions likely to affect those. will feel i think it's too early to say how impeachment is going to affect the 2020 presidential elections even though president trump says that he believes that impeachment is going to help him to fire up his base and to get reelected but we don't even know who is going to run against him against him but what is important
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to mention is that it would be difficult for the democratic senators who are running for president to continue their complaints they would probably need to interrupt them to be here in washington to be jurors on the senate trial. alexandra phenomena in washington thank you. the european parliament's top accolade the annual cycle of prize for freedom of thought has been awarded to human rights activists. it was resented to his daughter the year. because it was to tell us it's currently serving a life sentence in prison in china charged with scepticism before being jailed in $24.00 taping but for more than 2 decades to prove the rights of china's persecuted we get minority was in a 1000000 readers a currently being held in internment camps in the northwest of the country. ill home toti hasn't been seen in public for years this footage was filmed before he
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was jailed his fight for the rights of china's predominantly muslim minority cost him his freedom for years he drew attention to the suffering of the weekers they're restricted access to education in the labor market and the suppression of their language religion and culture. manual but i feel there's no representative for us no newspaper of our own for him so what can ordinary people do when they meet injustice some of them will find in resistance come in 2006 toti himself we are down to the internet portal weaker online to highlight the plight of the ethnic group the chinese authorities blocked the website repeatedly in 2014 toti was put on trial charged with separatism the former economics professor was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment in october the european parliament awarded to the sachar off human rights prize describing him as a voice of moderation and reconciliation. yeah bring your sack out of the
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parliament has decided to award the socket of prize for freedom of thought to. he has done much to improve understanding between leaders in the han ethnic group in china that has been put in prison for life. if the european parliament expresses its full support for his work and wishes him to be released immediately by the chinese authorities i mean. she. his arrest in 2014 was seen as a sign of a crackdown by china's communist party sense then reports of so-called reeducation camps have surfaced ex prisoners speak of torture forced labor and mass rape around 1000000 we girls are thought to be detained in these camps the last time our family members heard about my father it was 2007. that was also when the concentration
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camp started. our family members who are no longer able to visit him and we don't know if he still had held in the same prison or if we're we don't even know he's still alive. and so the winner of this year's sachar off prize may not even know about his award. the united nations is rich countries to do more to tackle the your worldwide refugee crisis speaking at the 1st global refugee forum in geneva u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists criticized what he called a hostile political environment for threatening asylum seekers an example of this can be seen in the west african country of nisha with the recent increase in the number of irregular migrants are traveling from africa to europe the e.u. closed down some of the biggest transit routes routes through nisha brussels also provided support for the country's military to patrol its own borders since then the number of migrants passing through michel house for them sharply but human
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trafficking remains a lucrative business in places like agadez the w.'s that went there and met people who say that pressure from the e.u. is making the situation for migrants more dangerous for nearly 30. brought people across the border from i got us into libya she never thought he was doing something criminal. this who had it's not true that we are so-called human traffickers and we are deceiving people it's also not true that we treat them inhumanely or badly. europe's politicians have demonized him as a criminal smuggler but here people like him used to be called press says and their work was considered the most normal thing in the world why should it be criminal to bring people from a to b. most asks for centuries the desert city of agadez has profited from people passing through from west to north africa and search of work but this stopped in 2015 when
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the european union signed agreements with several transit countries to curb migration to europe because of that suddenly became unemployed 6000 other former smugglers in asia shared his fate store and hotel owners who used to live from the travellers had no income. even though migration decreased it never stopped say human rights organizations such as doctors without borders this week even though the laws been in force in 2015 the bigger issue never stopped and they will never stop oh if you put those to the regression they really use other doors so what we see is the greater in small compared to the past they are much more vulnerable why because everything has to be. undercover in the close the city hidden we managed to meet a smuggler who still active now his job is illegal if he gets caught you risk several months in jail ever since the military started patrolling the borders he
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tells us scenes like this one are getting more and more common. this is a shift let's say i'm a driver transporting migrants when suddenly the military shows up with the letter with the migrants out of the car just down the road and tell them to wait there until i come back and then i just leave and they die there there are many such cases. it's very rare that drivers actually come back the un suspects at least twice as many people die on their way to the mediterranean than in the mediterranean itself who are these people who despite these dangers make the journey towards europe. we are close to the so-called get away at the border of the tunnel for us this is where migrants are being hidden by a smuggler who breaks in across the sahara desert to the migrants say here to the smuggler has enough of them for one transport and then the dangerous and sometimes deadly journey begins. with a clear courtyard under the open sky down hundreds of my gran's waiting in places
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like this across the city. one of them as one of them as. a student from guinea he has tried to leave 3 times each time he was picked up by the military on the libyan border the route through the desert is not good libya and the mediterranean not good but what else can i do. as a migrant from guinea was man but he has little chance of receiving the right to stay in europe but that doesn't stop him. although i want to go to europe i hate europe why do i hear europe because europe can't exist without africa africa is rich with resources like diamonds and uranium but who benefits from these resources . europe is where these young africans dream of living and although the chances of actually getting there are slim then giving up and going back home is not an option. i'm speaking of
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a global refugee forum in geneva and secretary general antonio terrace urged to developed countries to shoulder what he called their fair share of the burden of caring for the surging number of displaced people that adorable speaks for the international organization of migration and told how he thinks the situation for migrants could be improved your broadcast being primarily about migrants who are traveling from prong sub-saharan africa north and indeed within there's a large component of the side of the c.b.c. people who have a genuine fear for their own personal safety many migrants do as well they may not be entitled to sign but they are definitely people in need of care in need of protection and. i think what the surgeon general is really talking about is that there are 3 to quality that you see in the world that leads to people spontaneously leading a lot of good governance in their countries i mean for the songs of the mercy of these funders who you saw well documented in that last piece most mothers have no
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interest in the welfare of the people of their charges they want the money pure and simple and although we do the peace seems trading somewhat sympathetic he is using athens again calling and cavalier and murderous in their treatment of maher so i think what we need is more equality and better irons good governance so we say from this formerly in this regular people are not encouraged to put themselves at risk and use it awful ways to soften in tragedy. well let's take a look at some more of today's top stories paris commuters are struggling with massive traffic jams on the 14th air strikes by transport union supposed to proposed pension reforms rail services were severely reduced french president emanuel macro has proposed talks so he's prepared to make changes to the reforms he's hoping for a break in the strikes for the holidays. australia has recorded its hottest record with the average national temperature reaching 40.9 degrees celsius beating
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20 thirteen's record of 40.3 degrees this comes as the country battles a bushfire crisis and severe drought. or german chancellor i'm going to machall has and to the controversy over one of the chinese telecoms company chua way should be allowed to participate in germany's 5 g. network rollout and china's ambassador had hinted that he's government might retaliate if while we were excluded chancellor merkel said she had not been told of any threats by chinese authorities and repeated that she was against banning any phone from the 5 g. rollout the w has been to take a look inside while ways extravagant offices and talk to its chairman it looks like a renaissance castle in the middle of europe but it is actually only a modern replica and part of the research and development operations that china's tech supreme huawei the campus outside of shenzhen was open this spring from the
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outside it's nostalgia of britain large but inside it is futurism pure. while way demonstrates tomorrow's world of wireless communications here the company uses the facility to flex its 5 g. muscles while ways take on the new technology is praised by many customers and it's cheaper than 5 g. systems from europe or the united states but many are wary with critics saying the threat for a while wait to misuse the technology is real the concern is that it would pass on user data to the chinese government the chairman of the company told doj avello the concerns are unfounded. all we want one way is never received any such requests during our operations over the past years and even if we received such requests in the future we would not agree to them without lawful requests we won't do anything which will a woman. though there is no proof of data protection issues at huawei the united
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states is vehement about locking them out of 5 g. network build outs germany is also wrestling with the issue beijing says it will retaliate against berlin if walk away is banned in germany. talk further about relations between huawei and germany with ekta for decoding from deep to do business welcome so we had in the in the interview. who say that without a lawful request hallway would not engage in spying so did he say what would happen if china makes what it deems a lawful request to do this well this is something we've heard a few times now we've also heard from hallway founder of enjoying fame saying that promising that they won't use their equipment for spying but it's one of those things that you say i mean you're not going to say i am going to use it for spying it's kind of without
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a lawful request i mean there is definite legislation in china that allows for companies to to requires companies to do what they're told when it comes to the government if there's deep matters of national security for example and also there's no way that huawei will do anything that works against the communist party's interests it's just it's not able to do that it doesn't happen in china so it's one of those comments that is it's basically part of what appears to be a sort of a marketing drive at the moment ok so we've got that and then we've got the german chancellor saying that she's not aware of any threat made by beijing to retaliate if germany huawei is that which if it's come from the ambassador does not sound credible it doesn't sound credible i mean i think it's a big political issue at the moment within her own coalition the social democrats they've come out saying that with wording which says that basically saying that they don't really want to weigh in there she's also dealing with members of our own christian democrat party who are saying. that they're not happy with the way being
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used so she's dealing with a political storm so i think when she says as clearly she must have heard that we had the issue with the jar the chinese about germany we've had the issue with the pharaoh islands where the touch on is about to denmark is threatened them. if they if they don't use well way there's a lot of this been going on it's been held as a threat i think it shows that this is something much bigger than just about huawei this is much about books wagon and siemens selling into china as it is about telephones and here in germany so i think it's a much bigger issue for for the chancellor as far as the chancellor is concerned thank you for giving us the bigger picture if it could from d.w. business. today is a big day for fans of star wars us the 9th and final film in the sky walk us saga has its world premiere the rise of skywalker crowns 42 years of box office gold so here's a quick look without any support us. they do and there's
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a big. change you don't want it sounds. like. the final star wars trilogy is coming to an end but the galactic battle between good and evil jed i and sith isn't over yet joe di in training rape is back to face down kyla ram the dark sided son of layout and han solo and now supreme leader of the evil of 1st order confronting fear. you'll want to see. this. because often. the pressure is on and not least for disney and director j.j. abrams has been brought back to the star wars franchise after the last episode by a different director of a lot of fans disappointed. episode 9 focuses particularly on the coniston
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between its central characters ray and her buddies of the resistance pilot podium our own and stormtrooper femme for cast and fans it's about more than just one movie it's the end of a saga this is the last one that was crazy because it feels like christmas in a time machine and travel back with a fast film stock was never a constant 42 years and 8 episodes later can the rise of skywalker live up to fans' expectations are losing the focus of course represented be careful on the way out director j.j. abrams certainly seems to think it can. if you're a kid watching this 100 years from now 500 years from now if. you see this inevitability the story concluded in a way to feel those thrilling and shocking and funny and emotional and satisfy the final film or unites new cast and old actor actress carrie fisher's desk. in
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2016 abrams has even found a leftover material from the last 2 films to bring her back as princess wei. so how will the age old battle between july and 6. in which skywalker will rise in the rise of skywalker with the release of episode 9 fans can finally find out. this is a doubly news these are top stories the u.s. house of representatives is debating and will vote on the 2 articles of impeachment against president donald trump who is accused of abusing the power of his office under obstructing congress in its investigation donald trump could soon become only the 3rd u.s. president to be impeached. he has enjoyed its hottest day on record with a national average temperature reaching $40.00 degrees celsius the historic heat comes as the nation battles a bushfire crisis and severe drought. protests are continuing in
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dallas capital in india's capital delhi against a new citizenship but law which provides a path to citizenship but only for non muslim migrants the country's supreme court will consider a challenge to the law in january but has turned down a plea to stop it being implemented until now. german chancellor angela merkel says she's not aware of any chinese pressure to allow the telecoms company huawei to participate in building the 5 g. mobile internet service she says she is opposed to excluding any us so far as his her own chinese control of one way could come security risks. this is d.w. news from berlin for the followers on twitter at the w. news or visit our website d w dot com. up next here all day made in germany closer to how time bombs our lives that's next i'll be back at the top of the hour good to.
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